Courtney Fraser, EllaBelle Creations

Courtney Fraser, EllaBelle Creations

An idea was born… by accident. Pamela Thomas, designer and creator of EllaBelle Creations, knew that she had discovered something special when everyone from her seven-year-old neighbor to the teenager at her local coffee house to her sixty-something mother wanted one of her belts.

The requests flooded in after Pamela’s first trunk show…and EllaBelle Creations was launched, named for her daughter.

The company has grown to include over 100 products, everything from dog collars to headbands. EllaBelle has sold thousands of beautiful accessories in forty states and ten countries.

After manning the helm for five exciting years, Pamela decided to move on to pursue other opportunities. In a chance encounter with a long time customer, Courtney Fraser, she found her perfect replacement. “When I considered taking this on… it just felt right. I am always doing projects, sewing, making jewelry, painting, or building things. Plus I had bought so many EllaBelles over the years I knew I believed in the products.”

Courtney’s studio is graced by a loom and spinning wheel where her mother hand-spun yarn that she wove into fabric. Her grandmother’s trunk sits nearby with textiles and native costumes from around the world, inspiring Courtney’s love of color and flair for extraordinary design.

Courtney brings her love of fine hand crafted items, her creative style, her belief in sustainability and her journeyman’s sensibility as inspiration for EllaBelle’s future line of products.

We hope you enjoy your visit to EllaBelle Creations – and we look forward to helping you pick out the perfect accessory!

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